It can be difficult for any parent to meet the needs of their children. Special needs families often face emotional,  physical, and financial barriers when ensuring the requirements of care for their child are met. 

C.A.M.P is here to remove these burdens by providing FREE support services and referrals to local community resources. Together WE can accomplish our goals to help parents and caretakers gain access to the health and educational services their children need and deserve.

Our Promise

Advocacy is defined as the act or process of supporting a cause or proposal. The keyword to note is support because the journey for these children and families can be challenging. Cam and Madi's Promise, Inc. is dedicated to paying forward  kindness and a wealth of information that not everyone is privy to when entering this process. Navigating a complex healthcare delivery system can be overwhelming. You do not have to do it alone.

Cam and Madi's Promise guarantees you will receive the best customer care and guidance from our disability advocates who specialize in maneuvering the maze of state aid healthcare assistance and services impacting quality of education for students. 

Cam and Madi's Promise advocates will ensure the children and families served will be provided personalized assistance that is convenient, clear, and concise. 

Cam and Madi's Promise vows to be a source of long-term, continued support. Our work does not end and cases are never closed. Your advocates are here to help, feel free to contact them anytime.

We provide FREE assistance with:


· Determining Program Eligibility

· Application Submission

· Filing an Appeal

· Providing medical, legal and educational referrals 

Trying to maintain a household while an astronomical amount of medical debt lurks nearby can be terrifying. Especially, when you only wish to give your child access to quality healthcare and a better quality of life. C.A.M.P advocates are here to make sure no Special Needs child is weakened due to their parents’ inability to afford medical and therapeutic services. With the commitment of our staff and amazing community partnerships, we will achieve our mission to ensure that the Special Needs families we serve, remain intact and successful in accessing the healthcare services their children require . 

THAT is Cam and Madi’s Promise!