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Cam and Madi’s Promise, Incorporated (C.A.M.P) is making great efforts to advocate for the growing number of children and families in Georgia facing the diagnosis of a developmental disability that requires a level of care comparable to hospitals, nursing homes, and intermediate skilled nursing facilitates. 

At C.A.M.P, we are devoted to helping Special Needs families overcome the occurrence of financial and emotional hardships that arise while trying to meet the demands of today's costly healthcare system. The approval for a  Medicaid Waiver can provide not only access to quality health care for these children, but also the relief their parents will have knowing their children are getting the services they deserve.  

Join our movement and secure a brighter future for your child, or that of a child you know, whose family could use our free support.  

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Katie Beckett TEFRA Medicaid Waiver


Eligibility for the Katie Beckett Waiver is based on whether the child's developmental disability rises to an Institutional Level of Care (ILOC).  ILOC is care received in the community that is comparable to care provided at either a hospital, a nursing home or intermediate skilled nursing facility.  

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New Options and the Comprehensive Supports Waivers


The NOW/COMP Waiver provides  additional services not offered by the Katie Beckett Waiver.  Beneficiaries must still meet ILOC to be approved, and be Medicaid eligible.  It is common for parents and caregivers to apply for the NOW/COMP waiver after their child has been approved for the Katie Beckett waiver.  The cost of  services required by the beneficiary determines whether they are eligible for the NOW, or the COMP Waiver.  These waivers are also based on need, so the beneficiary could receive benefits shortly after being approved, or several years later. After an evaluation is completed by the appropriate DBHDD staff, the beneficiary is placed on either the short or long term planning list which determines how soon the beneficiary's benefits will begin.  For families whose children are on a planning list they may be eligible for Family Support services which is funding that pays for medical treatment and other community activities children require outside of the home.  https://dbhdd.georgia.gov/family-support-services

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No Need for Paper Applications Anymore


 Georgia Gateway is the State of Georgia's new online self-service portal that allows individuals to apply for Medicaid and other benefits.  For those renewing a waiver, you must first reapply on Georgia Gateway first, then wait to receive your child's renewal application in the mail from the office of the  Centralized Katie Beckett Medicaid Team 

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Recent Waiver Application Developments


We like to keep families abreast of new, important and exciting news.  If there is something we haven't listed here, or in the "Did You Know" section, please let us know about it so we can share  updates with other affected families throughout Georgia.  Check it out now!

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