Assistance Programs

Georgia Department of Education

The Georgia Department of Education, Division for Special Education Services and Support is a hub of information for Special Needs families. You  will find responses to frequently asked questions regarding evaluation/eligibility, development of Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), and other areas addressed in accordance with the Georgia Rules for Special Education. 

OSER's Office of Special Education Programs

The Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) is dedicated to improving results for infants, toddlers, children and youth with disabilities ages birth through 21 by providing leadership and financial support to assist states and local districts.Tdistricts.

Metro East GLRS

 The Georgia Learning Resources System (GLRS) is a network of 17 regional programs that provide training and resources to school system personnel, parents of students with disabilities,  and other interested individuals to support the achievement, graduation rate, and post-secondary success of students with disabilities.  

A More Secure, Independent and Knowledgeable YOU!

Friends of Disabled Adults and Children (FODAC)

Friends of Disabled Adults and Children (FODAC) is a 501c3 charity, based in Stone Mountain, that assists disabled Georgians, and those throughout the United States, to obtain gently used and refurbished medical equipment.  The durable medical equipment and services FODAC provides are at significantly discounted prices, and in some instances, free for those who experience financial hardship.  Individuals can obtain wheelchairs, assistive technology, shower supplies and lifts.  FODAC works with skilled partners throughout Georgia to deliver equipment directly to the homes of its customers, including making home and vehicular modifications, too. FODAC is also a safety net for disabled uninsured individuals, and those on Medicaid waiver wait lists, who are encouraged to seek FODAC's invaluable resources, also.  FODAC's equipment and services provide a better quality of life and safety for disabled individuals and their families!  To learn more about FODAC and its services, click now 


Financial Assistance for Families in Crisis Situations

Skye Precious Kids is a 501c3 charity offering 3 programs for families needing assistance paying for rent, utilities, medical and educational expenses to support their disabled children. Applicants will have to provide supporting documents to apply. 

Precious Families

Short term financial support for rent, utilities, food, gas and other necessities during

times of unemployment due to caring for children or due to transition between jobs;

renovations to homes for handicapped accessibility with items such as stair lifts,

wheelchair lifts, ramping, bathroom accessibility renovations

Precious Health

Medical costs including co-pays, deductibles, medications, durable medical equipment

and supplies, diapers, treatment and therapies as well as skilled nursing and respite

care. Aid with bridging the gap between what Medicaid and private insurance provides

and what sick and disabled children truly need but their parents cannot afford

Precious Minds

Support to continue meaningful education while homebound including tutors,

homework assistance, computers and assistive technology, scholarships for special and

online courses


Statewide Advocacy for All Your Disability Personal and Professional Support Needs

Parent to Parent of Georgia (P2P) provides the most comprehensive training and support for families and professional service providers to individuals with disabilities.  Its services are 100% FREE, and are offered in person, via phone and webinars to  caregivers, medical providers, educators, self advocates and other disability advocates. P2P has regional staff that serve multiple counties throughout Georgia who often host workshops for local caregivers. P2P gives individuals the tools necessary to support those living with disabilities to meet their fullest potential! The organization maintains an invaluable Special Needs database of at least 5,000 service providers that allow individuals to seek whatever services they require, where those services are located and what forms of payment service providers accept, including insurance and Medicaid.