About Us

Cam and Madi's Promise, Incorporated (C.A.M.P) is a non-partisian, grassroots organization whose name is inspired by two amazing children Cameron (13) and Madison (7). These siblings were diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Speech Language Disorder, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, and other medical conditions at very early ages. It is difficult to be joyful during trials, but with God's grace Cam and Madi's parents were very fortunate to have amazing healthcare providers who assisted them in getting early diagnoses and treatment for Cam and Madi. Both kids participated in Georgia's Babies Can’t Wait (BCW) program until age 3.  With the generous support of both BCW staff and school officials, they transferred effortlessly into their school district’s Special Needs Pre-K program. 

Both continue to attend elementary and middle schools in their school district, and live very busy lives attending a variety of private therapies when they're not at school.  As toddlers, Cam and Madi were non-verbal. Now, they are better able to communicate their needs. Even though they still present deficits in communication, social awareness and behaviors, their family considers itself very blessed. Many concerns have been addressed because so many educators, providers and community advocates gave Cam and Madi's parents the support they desperately needed to help the kids.  With all the victories this family has experienced from a life of Autism, they will not deny the stressors that come with being a Special Needs family. 

It is no secret that the demands of raising a child with a disability can be challenging. As a result, many families experience serious financial constraints. 

While there are encouraging reports that indicate many families like Cam and Madi's are debunking the trend of disrupting their households due to a child's disability, there is still much evidence of some parents divorcing.  There are even some children abandoned by at least one parent and no family should have to endure these struggles.

The cost of raising a child with a disability can have significant mental and financial strain on any family. If there are more children with a disability in the same family, the costs can be astronomical! Without the support of the Katie Beckett Medicaid waivers and Family Support funding both Cam and Madi receive, their parents, too, would have experienced financial hardships. They would not have been able to pay for Cam and Madi’s mounting medical bills while trying to pay a mortgage, car insurance, groceries, and meet other imminent needs for their family, too. Fortunately, this family has been blessed to secure many services for Cam and Madi which have afforded them access to quality healthcare, and a better quality of life.

We want to help more Special Needs families like Cam and Madi's.  For the past 7 years, hundreds of Georgia Special Needs families have received free assistance applying for Katie Beckett and NOW/COMP waivers through other non-profits that employed Cam and Madi’s mom.  But due to significant budget cuts, that vital help limited the assistance offered to families throughout the State of Georgia. This is why Cam and Madi's Promise, Inc was formed!  As the landscape of healthcare policy changes, we want to help enhance the lives of fellow parents who are also embarking on this journey. The life of a Special Needs family can be rewarding and challenging.  We know personally. This is why we provide FREE application assistance to families seeking our help because it is more important that we continue to pay it forward to others as so many did so for Cam and Madi.